Through an excellent opportunity at work, I will be moving to Melbourne, Australia for 3 months to work with our APAC team. We will be working hard to strengthen global relationships and develop new collaborative initiatives, but, that isn’t what this blog is about.

This blog will capture the rest —  My attempts to take-in the city of Melbourne (and Australia), any fun adventures on the side, and my Indonesia trek afterwards.

Note: As I’m making this blog public to coworkers and friends, I realize that some of my personal details will come to light. I do not like playing coy, so in the interest of full disclosure: I am a recovered alcoholic with many good years of sobriety. There will be times in my writing where I may allude to this and, in essence, use this blog as another tool for my benefit. I don’t write this to cause concern or add flavor. I simply believe that openness in addiction and increasing one’s support group are important tools for recovery.