Goodbye to Australia

Words cannot honestly express how much I have enjoyed my time working and traveling in Australia, so I’m not going to try to debrief just yet.

For now, I’m off to my next adventure in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore — If you’re wondering where I’ll be. feel free to follow along!

1 July: Trek day 1 – Kerinci National Park (
2 July: Trek day 2
3 July: Trek day 3
4 July: Trek day 4
5 July: Trek day 5
6 July: Walkout/end trek – Flight to Medan
7 July: Car out to Bukit Lawang; staying at Thomas’s Jungle Lodge
8 July: Genung Leusur Trek day 1 – NO CELL SERVICE
9 July: Genung Leusur Trek day 2 and back to Bukit Lawang/overnight at Thomas’s Jungle Lodge
10 July: transport out to TukTuk on Samosir/stay at Romlan’s Guesthouse
11 July: TukTuk/Samosir
12 July: TukTuk/Samosir
13 July: TukTuk/Samosir
14 July: Medan to Kuala Lumpur
15 July: Kuala Lumpur
16 July: Kuala Lumpur
17 July: Singapore afternoon/stay at Galaxy @ Chinatown pod hotel
18 July: 8:55 AM depart Singapore to Tokyo/Chicago/DC – Sleep for 27 hours

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