Melbourne Magic and other Musings

My second day in Melbourne started slow.

Family/SO/Cat face-time + morning NHL hockey (strange) took priority. Maybe I dragged my feet a bit — pouting because I’m still adjusting to sleeping without Ari and a 22 pound, Maine Coon cat sandwiching me in the middle of the bed (I tried to set my computer to my right and the Nintendo Switch to my left, but the conversation was fairly one-sided and the warmth, except for my overheating charger, was severely lacking).

Nevertheless, I slogged out with the city on my mind. Chinatown, Little Bourke Street and Flinders Lane were my key targets. Fortunately, Melbourne CBD is essentially a big grid with massive streets separated by smaller lanes. The lanes and alleys are where to find your fun in CBD.

Chinatown, my first stop, was immediately impressive. Coming from DC, I expected Chinatown to be the usual: McDonalds, an H&M and maybe, 1 to 2 Chinese restaurants.

Stretching for blocks and full of delicious food, I almost panicked for glut of choices, getting in line for a posh place, only to jump into a Thai restaurant at the last second.

IMG_20180402_130933Editor’s Note: I don’t like posting pictures of food. The above is to show the many, many concerned people at home that I am indeed eating.

A feast for the eyes followed my meal.

I read about Melbourne’s graffiti and, as I wound towards the famous AC/DC Lane, I began to feel that similar tinge of excitement one gets around unadulterated artistic creation. With each step the colors became brighter and the form more professional. Say what you want, but this is art.

And, because it was just a hop across the Yara, I couldn’t resist visiting my new favorite spot!


To end, just some random musings I’ve had:

  • My first day at work was excellent. The team is supportive and friendly and I can’t wait to make some key accomplishments as we move forward.
  • DC people walk much faster than Melbournites (Melbournians?) — Driving me a little crazy.
  • Me yielding to the right and walking directly against a crowd of tired workers is definitely driving them crazy.
  • Accents. Wow. Asking people to spell what they said and then looking back at what I had initially written has been a revelation.
  • Ordering an iced coffee here will get you some looks.
  • Finally, to end, I’ll admit that some dormant voices have been making noise, which I fully expected. Nothing more than a buzz (and for the love of god, nothing for anyone else to think about worrying about), but still rather obnoxious. Funny thing is, the simple act of writing this has (and has always) kept them down — Like an image painted on a wall, something I could simply walk past.



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